News production comes down to one thing: Telling better stories faster to keep viewers engaged and tuned in. That means your entire news channels must work together to produce those stories quickly and accurately.
Shehab News Production can help your reporters, editors and producers do their jobs better – better writing, better editing and better packages that get to air before the competition, so, we are ready to welcome your reporters at any moment.
Besides that, Shehab Media Company have a news room working 24 hours/7 days, equipped with several satellite channels to follow up the situation in Palestine second by second and prepare reports talking about the events in Palestine.
With our team of producers, reporters and cameramen we can provide you with the latest news in your area or worldwide as well as any event you would like to cover.
We can offer the following: – News Packages including full edit story and sent by FTP or TPO – Our reporters and cameramen can cover any event needed and edit the material as requested. Our reporters are able to speak Arabic, English and other language. – The format of the report can delivered into SD PAL or HD .